Mark Rosenthal

Content + Concept

Mark Rosenthal

Content + Concept

What makes a strong design? A nuanced understanding of the user and a the ability to communicate a message is a great place to start.

But what about creating new experiences, aspiring  to gratify viewers in new, unexpected ways?

By diving deep I've found that my work can exceed  my initial solutions to problems. Deeper exploration expands thinking into new, exciting areas.

In this portfolio you'll not only see how I handle complex projects, but how I dive deep into my projects, often surfacing with a new visions.

Diving Deep

Design + Direction



Blog: Melting Point

Art Direction: Mac|Life

Book: Berlin/USA 1986

UX Design: WriteOn! App

Identity Design: Civic Design Labs

UX Design: Berkkeley Co-Design

Book: Words / No Words

Book: Design by Nature

Art Direction: Business 2.0