Diving Deep

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About Me

What is my approach to design?

1. To understand the problem, I must first let go of my own assumptions. With this approach my research can progress with an open mind and empathy with the user's experience.

2. My research leads to a design strategy that addresses what I've learned.

3. My process includes discussions with other designer and subjects in the field. Often I must recast my idea in a new way, starting afresh.

4. Designs are never done. The future will always be altering our user's needs!

Who is Mark Rosenthal?

>> I am  practiced in both UX and user-centered design strategies.

>> I trust myself: I draw better with my eyes closed than opened.

>> I have a knack for getting designers to produce their most creative work.

>> I keep my mind open by writing long, introspective journal entries which I never read again.

>> I oversee complex design projects under tight deadlines.

>> I often photograph the same scene over and over, looking for things I missed the first time.

>> When approaching a design I am always considering format, clarity, and the needs of the reader/viewer.

>> Using my own writing, research and photography, I create my own electronic books that examine a wide range of subjects .

What can I do
for you?

I solve problems by revealing new ways for users to perceive and interact with their world!

What tools and methods do I use?

Tools:  Adobe CC, Omnigraffle, Sketch, Invision, HTML/CSS, MS Office, Keynote

Methods: Contextual inquiry, heuristic analysis, competitive analysis, user surveys and interviews, affinity mapping, persona development, journey mapping, user flows, usability testing